Monday, October 28, 2013

Is Your Previous Work History Really An Issue?

Every application these days requests information regarding your previous work history. What exactly is this information used for? We think it is to show employers whether or not we have performed specific tasks in the past which we could in turn perform in the open position. But how likely is it that an employer will find a candidate who has had the exact same job description before?

The Next Step encourages employers to not view someone's previous work history in such a narrow manner. Jeff Fluhr, CEO of social video platform Spreecast, has the right idea when it comes to viewing a candidate's previous work history. He looks beyond what the candidate has done and sees the candidate for what they are capable of. During the interviewing process it is important to help employer's see your potential. 

Showing employers you can be adaptable and are self-assured in your abilities to think is what helps break this barrier. Work on growing your confidence one application and interview at a time. 

Leads from CoFFE! are to be worked in person, remember--you may not get hired right away--keep your chin up, have faith in yourself and always remember to be encouraged.

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