Friday, August 30, 2013

Closed for Labor Day

The Next Step will be closed Monday September 2nd 2013 in observance of Labor Day. All requests for employer leads from CoFFE! our nationwide Cooperative of Felon-Friendly Employers will be issued starting Tuesday September 2nd 2013. If you have any questions please contact us at 888.998.7227 or visit our website at

Friday, August 23, 2013

Enrolling Online- Save Time!

Have you ever stopped to think about how long it takes to complete paperwork the 'old-fashioned" way? First you have to print out the form, then fill it out, then find a fax number or an envelope and send. Why not streamline your process and save time and energy by enrolling online?

Online enrollment through The Next Step is fast, easy and efficient. With online enrollment you can provide detailed information regarding an offender's job set skills, training/apprenticeship certifications, previous work history and most importantly information regarding what geographical areas they are eligible to seek employment in.

Enrolling online allows The Next Step to quickly match candidates to employers from CoFFE! our nationwide Cooperative of Felon-Friendly Employers. Don't wait for a paper enrollment to be received when you can submit online and receive leads from CoFFE! within 24-48 hours!

Questions regarding enrollments please contact us at 888.998.7227 or by email to [email protected]

Monday, August 12, 2013

Reentry Continuum Success in Arizona

The Next Step's effective and efficient model for reentry success starts during federal incarceration and continues through to supervisory and post release custody. While incarcerated, felony offenders are given the opportunity to enroll for FREE services from The Next Step and upon release to their Residential Reentry Center or to U.S. Probation District, these individuals are eligible to receive free employer leads from CoFFE! The Next Step's nationwide Cooperative of Felon-Friendly Employers. 

With special thanks to our participating Reentry Affairs Coordinators within the Federal Bureau of Prisons Western Region, highly motivated Residential Reentry Center staff from Behavioral Systems Southwest Inc, and now U.S. Probation District of Arizona's Chief Mario Moreno and his team of Officers; The Next Step has brought the "reentry continuum" to life for the use of Arizona's federal offender population. 

The CoFFE! database has significantly grown in the few short weeks this continuum has been in effect. With over 1500 employers within CoFFE! who have hired and/or are willing to hire offenders within the state of Arizona, the community stands to benefit.

We are rapidly developing these continuum  models in other states based upon the current participation of RACs enrolling Job Candidates across the country. If you  would like to see successful results like these in your area, please contact us here and get started today!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Meeting CoFFE! Employers- Dress to Impress

August 7th 2013

For the formerly incarcerated, reentering society can be more than overwhelming. The Next Step can offer our candidates a quick helpful guide to success- especially when it comes to meeting CoFFE! Employers and trying to secure employment. With or without resources, dressing successfully for an interview can stress anyone out. Don't have a suit and tie? No worries! You can still dress to impress and present yourself in a positive manner.

No one says you need to dress like a model to make a good impression. Start with the basics:

1. Take a Shower- Hygiene is important to ALL employers

Whether or not you are applying for an office position or a construction project no employer is going to hire someone who couldn't take the time to bathe before their interview.

If your circumstances do not permit this here is a tip: sprinkling your hair with baby powder and brushing/combing through will significantly diminish the look of oily, greasy hair.

2. Dress Accordingly- Business Casual for any interview

Dressing business casual is always the most casual attire you should attend an interview in. Never wear any item of clothing that is too revealing (you are not going to the gym, hanging out with friends, or going to a night club).

Ladies, never wear shorts and keep skirts at or only SLIGHTLY above knee length.

Gentlemen, leave your muscle shirts at home and exchange it for a button up with a collar that you can tuck in to a pair of slacks.

3. Present Yourself- Confidence and Poise 

You've done your time and now it is time to shine, leave your self-doubt at home! Keep in mind it takes more muscles in your face to frown then it does to smile.

When you are called in for your interview make sure you shake the hand of your future employer and introduce yourself clearly and confidently. Once the interview is compete, if appropriate, shake the employer's hand again and ALWAYS say thank you for their time.