Friday, August 23, 2013

Enrolling Online- Save Time!

Have you ever stopped to think about how long it takes to complete paperwork the 'old-fashioned" way? First you have to print out the form, then fill it out, then find a fax number or an envelope and send. Why not streamline your process and save time and energy by enrolling online?

Online enrollment through The Next Step is fast, easy and efficient. With online enrollment you can provide detailed information regarding an offender's job set skills, training/apprenticeship certifications, previous work history and most importantly information regarding what geographical areas they are eligible to seek employment in.

Enrolling online allows The Next Step to quickly match candidates to employers from CoFFE! our nationwide Cooperative of Felon-Friendly Employers. Don't wait for a paper enrollment to be received when you can submit online and receive leads from CoFFE! within 24-48 hours!

Questions regarding enrollments please contact us at 888.998.7227 or by email to [email protected]

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