Tuesday, September 24, 2013


The Next Step would like to welcome the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction's Adult Parole Authority to CoFFE! As our newest participating member, all of Ohio's releasing felons reporting to Parole are now able to enroll and be matched with employers interested in WOTC eligible labor. This also means the CoFFE! database will be expanding by the day for the use and benefit of any other agencies in Ohio assisting ex-offenders with employment challenges.

As Ohio's employers become more successful obtaining the WOTC credit they will be:

  1. Keeping millions of dollars in the state.
  2. Creating  more jobs by lowering labor costs with WOTC savings.
  3. Creating more tax payers and reducing Ohio's costs for custody and supervision of offenders.
Ohio will see the benefits of The Next Step /WOTC Solutions in every corner of the state and we are pleased to be providing this valuable and useful service.

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