Monday, July 7, 2014

New verification source for federal ex-felons

After working closely with the Department of Labor for the past year to craft a new verification policy for federal ex-felon applicants, WOTC Solutions is pleased to announce that all State WOTC Coordinator's offices can now use the online federal inmate locator to verify WOTC eligibility for federal ex-felons.

Until this change, WOTC applications for federal ex-felons have sat at the back of the processing line because there was no universal source to verify federal felony conviction and release dates. This has resulted in WOTC applications pending for years, preventing businesses from taking advantage of the $2,400.00 tax credit due to them.

We expect this new WOTC verification source to speed up the certification process for our clients and for all employers who see the value in the WOTC and use it to lower their tax liabilities.

We’re very happy to have been part of this solution and we thank you for your continued support!

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