Thursday, August 7, 2014

Tips when applying for jobs online:

1. Prioritize listings that match your skill set directly

2. Fill out forms quickly, leaving selected questions unanswered.

3. When asked for your salary, write “$1,” “$10,” or “$100,” so you fill in the blank but don’t scotch a compensation negotiation in advance.

4. On other queries, like a request for references, or your current position, especially if you’re unemployed, write “to be discussed.”

5. Customize your résumé to the listing; make sure it includes keywords.

6. Write a concise cover letter that specifically addresses the job’s requirements.

7. Most important: Search your virtual and face-to-face network for a connection to the job you want

8. Use a professional email address including your full name.


  1. Pretty good information here. I completely agree with using the $1,$10,$100 or whatever amount method. If you write something down like any. You are saying that yes you will work and are desperate. However if you say to a company that you are valuable they may see that as another reason to hire you. Its worth more to give an employee 50 cents more then it is for them to give you 50 cents less if you are a horrible worker. In these cases its easier to get hired for a job. Even if you are a sex offender. They have it pretty bad. Most felons do. Honestly I can't think of a felon that has had an easy time getting a job. Sex offenders have to work even harder. Anyways if there are any sex offenders here that would like to see more information targeted directly at them here is the link. sex offender job help

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